Counseling Intake Form

Counseling Intake Form - Word, PDF, Google Docs

A Counseling Intake Form is essentially a questionnaire that counselors use to get information about a client before their first therapy session. This form allows the counselor to gather essential details about the client, including their personal history, current situation, medical history, and reasons for seeking therapy. Most often, this template is needed at the beginning of therapy or counseling sessions. Its purpose is to save time during the initial consultation and to ensure the counselor has all the necessary background information to effectively assist the client. Our template is designed to cover all the bases, capturing vital information in a structured, easy-to-follow format. It has been constructed thoughtfully, keeping in mind the need for simplicity yet detail. And the best part? It's available in various formats to suit your needs, including Word, PDF, and Google Docs. Say goodbye to hasty, last-minute forms and hello to an organized and efficient start to every counseling session.

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