Broadsheet Newspaper Templates

Our professional broadsheet newspaper templates offer an ideal foundation for creating themed newspapers, whether for business, school, or personal publications. Each template preserves an authentic newspaper look, featuring headings, captioned images, text boxes, classic headers and footers, and sections for additional elements. Start crafting your unique broadsheet newspaper with these 100% editable templates today!

Broadsheet Newspaper Wedding Program Template
Broadsheet Newspaper Obituary Page Template
Classic Newspaper Obituary Page Template
Beige Newspaper Layout Template
Classic Newspaper Front Page
Breaking News Newspaper Article Template
Broadsheet Wedding Newspaper Template
Gray Broadsheet Newspaper Template
Graduation Party Announcement Newspaper Template
Modern Newspaper Layout Template
Breaking News Graduation Announcement Newspaper Template
Beige Graduation Announcement Newspaper Template
Yellow Newspaper Front Page Template
15 x 22 Newspaper Front Page Template
Classic Broadsheet Newspaper Front Page
Beige Newspaper Front Page Template
Breaking News Broadsheet Newspaper Template
Beige Broadsheet Newspaper Template
Classic Black and White Paper Newspaper Template
White and Orange Newspaper Template
Gray Paper Newspaper Template
Sports Newspaper Front Page Template
Classic Minimal Newspaper Front Page Template
Classic Broadsheet Newspaper Front Page Template
Professional Newspaper Front Page Template
Beige Paper Newspaper Template
Red and White Minimal Newspaper Template
Classic Broadsheet Newspaper Template
Modern Red Newspaper Template
Classic Black and White Newspaper Template

Our Broadsheet newspaper templates are specifically designed to accommodate a variety of themes, maintaining a professional newspaper layout. Each template offers enhanced adaptability featuring fully editable essential elements in a standard 15 x 22 inch Broadsheet size. Designed through detailed research, our templates are available in different formats including PowerPoint, Google Slides, Microsoft Word, and Google Docs. Customize these ready-to-use templates to create impactful newspaper projects.


How can I make an effective use of a Broadsheet template for a particular theme?

When using our Broadsheet newspaper templates, consider the theme of your content and choose a template that aligns with it. Each template includes essential elements like headings, images, and section paragraphs. You can customize these elements to suit your theme while maintaining the professional layout of a standard Broadsheet newspaper.

Can I use these templates for both modern and traditional newspaper themes?

Yes, our newspaper collection offers templates in various styles, including old-style, modern, minimal, and other thematically designed layouts. Select the template that best fits your newspaper’s aesthetic, whether you’re aiming for a contemporary look or a more classic, traditional appearance.

What should I consider when selecting fonts for my newspaper?

When selecting fonts for your newspaper, consider readability, style consistency, and the tone you want to convey. Ensure the fonts are legible in various sizes, complement each other, and align with your publication’s overall design.

How do I personalize the front page of a newspaper template?

In our broadsheet newspapers, the front pages are designed with key elements in mind. You can take ideas from our category dedicated to front page newspaper layouts and personalize your front page. Each element of the front page, including reference page numbers, author names, breaking news headlines, and footers, can be adjusted to meet your content and theme.

What can I do to maintain the quality of images and graphics in a Broadsheet template?

To maintain the quality of your images and graphics, make sure they are of high resolution and aptly sized for your template’s layout. Adding context to your images by captioning them can also enhance the quality of your newspaper.

Are there any restrictions on the use of these templates?

While our templates are free for both personal and commercial use, redistribution on other websites or platforms without written permission is not permitted. Please adhere to these guidelines to respect the intellectual property of the templates.

Can I request for assistance or alterations in a specific template?

Yes, you can. If you need any assistance or want to request alterations to a template, feel free to reach out to us using our support form. We’re here to help you make the most of our newspaper templates.

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