Broadsheet Newspaper Templates

Ready for immediate use, our Broadsheet Newspaper Templates are ideal for various purposes, from business or school projects to industry publications. Each 15×22 inch template features editable headings, images, and sections, ensuring a professional look. Start creating your unique newspaper content with these versatile templates today!

Our Broadsheet Newspaper Templates are specifically designed to cater to diverse themes, ensuring a professional layout for various publishing needs. Each template conforms to the standard 15x22 inch Broadsheet size, featuring fully editable elements such as headings, images, and paragraphs, aligned to maintain the integrity of the newspaper format. Developed from thorough research, these templates are available in formats like PowerPoint, Google Slides, InDesign, Word, and Google Docs. They are ready for immediate use, allowing for easy customization to suit your specific content requirements.


How do I effectively utilize the Broadsheet newspaper template for a specific theme?

When using our Broadsheet newspaper templates, consider the theme of your content and choose a template that aligns with it. Each template includes essential elements like headings, images, and section paragraphs. You can customize these elements to suit your theme while maintaining the professional layout of a standard Broadsheet newspaper.

Can I use these templates for both modern and traditional newspaper styles?

Yes, our collection includes templates for various styles, including old style, modern, and clean designs. Select the template that best fits your newspaper’s aesthetic, whether you’re aiming for a contemporary look or a more classic, traditional appearance.

How can I ensure my content fits the Broadsheet format properly?

Each template is designed to fit the standard 15×22 inch Broadsheet size. To ensure your content fits properly, utilize the pre-formatted sections and adapt your content to these areas. This will maintain the professional and organized look of a Broadsheet newspaper.

What should I consider when selecting fonts for my newspaper?

We’ve chosen standard fonts easily available on Windows and macOS, along with Google Fonts, to simplify your font selection. Consider the readability and aesthetic of your newspaper when selecting fonts, and utilize the links provided in our templates to access any necessary Google Fonts.

How can I adjust the layout and elements of the template to suit my needs?

Our templates are fully editable, allowing you to move and adjust elements as needed. Use your chosen software application to customize the layout, ensuring it aligns with your newspaper’s style and content requirements.

In what ways can I personalize the front page of the newspaper template?

The front page of our templates is designed with key elements of Broadsheet newspapers in mind. You can personalize it by adjusting the reference page numbers, author names, breaking news headlines, and essential footer elements, and all other elements to align with your content and theme.

What are some best practices for maintaining the quality of images and graphics in the broadsheet newspaper?

To maintain high-quality images and graphics, ensure they are of a high resolution and appropriately sized for the template’s layout. Captioning your images effectively can also add context and enhance the overall quality of your newspaper.

Are there any restrictions on the use of these Broadsheet newspaper templates?

While our templates are free for both personal and commercial use, redistribution on other websites or platforms without written permission is not permitted. Please adhere to these guidelines to respect the intellectual property of the templates.

Can I seek assistance or request alterations to a specific template?

Absolutely. If you need any assistance or specific alterations to a template, feel free to contact us through our support form. We’re here to help you make the most of our Broadsheet newspaper templates.

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